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Life Groups

We encourage everyone who attends Ridgeline Community Church to be the church, not just go to church, by joining in and contributing to a Life Group because that is where we “grow up into Christ, together.” It is our desire to move from a church that has life groups into a church of life groups. Our life groups will be where we do life together by connecting inward and reaching outward for God’s Glory and Jesus’ Kingdom.

Please take a look at the existing Life Groups below and fill out this form if you are interested in joining one or starting a new one.

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Rotating Saturday Night group - 36-55 - Married with Children

Every other Saturday night – Studying sermon follow-up notes. Please contact Brian Grams for more information.

Terrain Tuesday Night group - Intergenerational

Sharing our stories and studying God’s Word.  Please contact Brian Grams for more information.

Rotating Sunday Afternoon group - 18-55 - Married with Children

Currently, this group is studying, Share Jesus Without Fear, an evangelism study.  After the study, we all share a delicious meal together.  Please contact Chad Mathis or Chris Bergmeier for more information.

Rotating in Elizabeth Tuesday Night group - Intergenerational

Every other Tuesday night – Studying a book in the Bible.  Please contact Ray Schwartz for more information.

Castlewood Ranch Sunday Night group - 50 and Older - Married

Every other Sunday Night Group – Studying Heaven by Randy Alcorn .   Contact Joe and Renee Tinaglia. Cell 720-434-4965


Founders Tuesday Night group - 30 - 40ish - Married with Children

Jen and Leo Hackett lead this group.

Week 1 – Fellowship night

Week 2 – Sermon Study from the Sunday before

Week 3 – Service night

Week 4 – Sermon Study from the Sunday before

Week 5 – Usually a Fellowship night, when it happens

Please contact Leo and Jenn Hackett  or cell 503-884-0943 if you are interested in joining.

RCC Sunday Morning Group - Intergenerational

Every Sunday in room 106 at 10:45 am – Studying the book of Luke. Please contact Don Lash for more information.

Lost Coffee Sunday Morning group - 18-29 - Singles

This is our RCC college & career group. We are a community who loves Jesus in authentic community.  Every Sunday at 9:30 am at Lost Coffee on Perry Street in Downtown Castle Rock.  Please contact Matt Crowe for more information.

Foreign Foodies Group

Do you like food?  Do you like adventure?  Do you like adventure in food?!  We have a group for you – the Foreign Foodies group!  We will be exploring the different cuisine from all over the country and all over the world that Castle Rock, Denver and various other cities have to offer.  We will meet every other month, on a Saturday, around 5 pm at different area restaurants.  We would ask that it be for people 16 years old and older. Please contact us if you are interested – Renee or Greg Ruff.