Sunday Services: 9AM & 10:45AM

Expedition Ridgeline

TrailHead Experience (101)

The next TrailHead Class is to be determined.

Check back soon for more information.

The Expedition Ridgeline program provides an intentional process to assist Ridgeline attendees in moving from being spectators to being passionate followers of Jesus, fully engaged in the life of Ridgeline and participating in the work of the Kingdom throughout the world.

101 – TrailHead Experience

Are you new to Ridgeline or just looking for that “next step” in plugging into life here?  Join us for the Trailhead Experience. We will focus on our doctrine, vision and core values. as well as getting to know each other better!  If you are interested in becoming an official “member” of the church, this class is a prerequisite, but you’ll find the TrailHead Experience a worthwhile investment whether you’re interested in membership or not!

Please register for this class on this page.

201 – BaseCamp

Practices for the passionate pursuit of Jesus is designed to do two things: 1) introduce you to core elements of passionately pursuing Jesus and 2) explain how these are distinctively emphasized and practiced here at Ridgeline. The course will focus on five pillars of our faith in action: Community, Prayer, the Word, Spiritual Gifts, and Evangelism.

301 – Vista

This will be a seminar format that focuses on Biblical leadership and how to use your spiritual gifts in effectively leading a team in a church/religious setting. The Friday night/Saturday morning schedule is so that those serving in ministry on Sunday mornings are able to attend. We invite any and all to come join us as we explore this important aspect of church life.