7 Reasons Why Inviting People to Church Matters

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We know:  it can be awkward to invite someone to come to church.  And churches that constantly tell you to invite people can come across as needy and self-serving.  But there really are some important reasons why we should all be inviting others to come to Ridgeline.  Here are 7 reasons that the Ridgeline staff came up with this week:

  1. Inviting someone to church praises God, because it says that you believe He is moving here.
  2. Inviting someone to church is an easy way for you to be involved in the Great Commission (Math 28:19). Note:  this shouldn’t be your ONLY involvement in the Great Commission, because it leaves all the work of sharing the Gospel and giving “an answer for the hope that is within you” (1Pe 3:15) to  others, but it’s a good place to start!
  3. Inviting someone to church says you care about them
  4. Inviting someone to church is often the first step in a person coming to Christ
  5. Inviting someone to church fosters wholistic/consistent Christian living (because now they know that you’re a Christian and will be watching you!)
  6. Inviting someone to church combats consumeristic of self-centered Christianity (because you’re thinking about what others need and not just about yourself)
  7. Inviting someone to church creates opportunities for deeper conversations and relationships with that person.
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  1. Kristie Brittman Posted on at

    Yes!! I came to know and love Christ as a result. Long story short, after moving here, a new neighbor invited me to church with her family. Ridgeline Community Church was so very welcoming and kind and I felt at home right away. Among other things, I truly believe that the combined invitation and welcoming church were instrumental for me as the pieces of this lifelong puzzle to understand and come to faith came into fruition. I don’t know what would have happened had she not invited us to join her family at church that Easter, but I’m so very thankful that she did. Praise Jesus!

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